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William (Bill) J Lewis

Senior Wordsmith

Bill Lewis has made his living as a writer for over 30 years. He’s been in the agency business, show business and politics. But of the approximately 3.2 million words he’s run through various computers, typewriters and legal pads, a least a few hundred thousand (if not more) have been dedicated to marketing scores of commercial and residential properties.

In addition to location, location, location, Bill is well-versed in helping clients determine the unique selling points of their properties and then finding creative ways to tell customers about them. He has been part of Lester & Associates for well over a decade and has extolled the virtues of everything from student housing, resorts and multi-family dwellings to office parks, skyscrapers and mixed-use developments around the country.

He also sings, plays softball, roots for the Braves and the Cincinnati Reds, attempts golf, and reads voraciously (favorite book since childhood is Tom Sawyer).