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Equity Estates Fund

Atlanta GA

Unlike timeshare, destination clubs or fractional ownership Equity Estates is a true investment vehicle with real ownership in the luxury vacation homes in the portfolio. Investors have not only the opportunity to realize real appreciation attained from investing in a diversified well-managed global real estate fund but also the opportunity to use and enjoy the homes. Lester & Associates was selected to produce the marketing communication materials because of our extensive experience putting together presentations for REIT IPOs and private real estate equity offerings.
We created the script and sales presentation materials for the sales team. We designed a sales presentation kit that consisted of a customized leather and linen box. Inside was a hardbound brochure explaining the fund and hard photo album of the existing portfolio including floor plans and area maps. In addition was a foldout world map showing the location of all existing properties as well as targeted acquisition locations. The box was left with the prospects overnight after the presentation and retrieved the next day giving the representative addition time with the prospect.

Download PDF Brochure.